NEET UG Paper Leak: Students allege why did NTA open NEET application window earlier, see NEET paper leak report

There is a significant question arising regarding the NEET exam application: why has the NTA reopened the application window after 25 days.

After the NEET examination concluded and the results were announced by the National Testing Agency, substantial questions have emerged. There is a prominent inquiry regarding NEET applicants: why did NTA decide to reopen the application window after 25 days, a situation unprecedented in the history of NEET examinations.

Previously, applicants’ requests would lead to extending the application deadline by one or two days. However, in NEET UG 2024, the National Testing Agency surprised everyone by reopening the opportunity 25 days later. The deadline for applications for NEET UG concluded on 16th March. Candidates were given the chance to make corrections in their applications from 18th to 20th March 2024 through the correction window.

Approximately 25 days later, on 9th and 10th April, the demand arises as to under what circumstances the application window was reopened. Candidates are demanding why the names of the cities and exam centers where applicants applied in the final two days are not being made public. Besides, the National Testing Agency has not provided clear answers to several points, which is why questions are being raised about the result.

According to medical examination specialists and educators here, cases revealed in recent investigations, where individuals caught by Patna police admitted during questioning that they received the question paper a day before. They claimed that answers to the question paper were memorized at a school in Khemnichak.

The question papers that were memorized were burned after the examination on May 5th, when they were caught. The case is being investigated by the NTA, which is why there is no cooperation. Meanwhile, there is also controversy regarding the grace marks. Medical examination specialists and the director of NEET, Vipin Singh, have questioned how such a large number of candidates managed to achieve first rank in the NEET exam.

NEET UG Paper Leak Update

There is controversy surrounding the grace marks awarded by the NTA to all candidates. In addition, there is concern about students who received 718 and 719 marks. Such out-of-pattern scores should not have been awarded grace marks. Moreover, there is no mention of normalization anywhere in the NEET prospectus, necessitating an investigation.

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